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SOVA Antimite and Antibacterial Mattress Encasing size 90 x 200 x 12 cm

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SOVA Mattress Encasing efficiently and naturally protects against allergens of mites living in the household dust in the allergic individual's home

SOVA Mattress Encasing is made of Evolon® fabric – protective barrier against mites and their droppings (allergens). Moreover, our special technology of sewing prevents penetration of allergens on seams and by zippers as well.

Evolon® is characterized by high permeability of steam, resistance to frequent washing in high temperatures; it is light and soft to the touch. In the process of production, no multiple layers or lamination were applied.

Moreover, Evolon® prevents the development of fungi.

SOVA products are made of the following types of Evolon® fabric:

- Evolon® 100 „BLUE” - weight 100 g/m2 - with anti-mites properties;

- Evolon® 130 Ag „SILVER” - weight 130 g/m2, percentage of silver fibres 5% - with anti-mites and antibacterial properties.

The efficiency of Evolon® for allergic individuals is confirmed with certificates issued by ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation), as well as by the results of research run by independent institutions, such as: Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets, Gelsenkirchen (Niemcy), IBT Reference Laboratory (USA). Anti-bacterial properties of the fabric have been positively evaluated by Hohenstein Research Institute, Bönnigheim (Germany).

Evolon® does not contain harmful substances and is perfectly suitable for child's skin that is confirmed with the Öko-Tex® mark.


SOVA Mattress Encasing is intended for home use as internal lawyer on the mattress - the main habitat and the development of house dust mites.

The mattress must be removed from the bed because it puts the inside cover and fastened with a zipper. SOVA Mattress Encasing is used as an additional coating between the mattress and sheet.


SOVA Counterpane can be washed as often in temperatures up to 95° C.

When washing do not use softeners.