§ 1
General provisions

  1. Shop www.sklep.alergsova.pl ALERGSOVA Magdalena Gruszczyńska, Puławska 34, 05-500 Piaseczno, (hereinafter referred to as „the Shop”) runs its retail sales through Internet on the territory of the Republic of Poland / European Union on the basis of these Regulations (hereinafter referred to as  „the Regulations”).
  2. These Regulations stipulate terms and conditions of enjoyment of the Shop, as well as rights and obligations of the Owner of the Shop and of the Clients.
  3. The Client is obliged to get acquainted with these Regulations before availing himself of the services of the Shop. The Regulations are the integral part of the sales contract concluded with the Client.
  4. ALERGSOVA Magdalena Gruszczyńska, Puławska 34, 05-500 Piaseczno, tel. +48 602 274 143, zamowienie@alergsova.pl, registered in the Central Records and Information of Economic Activity (CEIDG) kept by the Competent Minister of Economy, NIP: 9561600713, REGON: 017233716, is the owner of the Shop. 
  5. Sales contracts with the internet Shop are made in the Polish language.
  6. All products offered in the Shop are brand new.
  7. The photos of the products in the Shop may slightly differ from the real ones as for their colors due to different configurations of Clients' computers.

§ 2

For the purpose of these Regulations, the notions presented below mean as follows:

  • a). Regulations – these regulations of the internet Shop activity,
  • b). Seller – the owner of the Shop,
  • c). Shop – sales on-line carried on by the Seller available to Clients, where the Client has the possibility to purchase Products; Internet Shop is available at the website: http://www.sklep.alergsova.pl,
  • d). Purchase form – the script that is a part of the Shop enabling the submission of order by the Client,
  • e). Product  – products offered by the Seller to the Client  through  the internet Shop,
  • f). Client – natural person who completed 18 years of age and has the capacity to enter into legal contracts, or legal person, or any other entity with the capacity to enter into contracts,
  • g). Consumer – natural person performing legal transaction (purchase) with the entrepreneur; this transaction is not directly connected with the Consumer's economic or professional activity.

§ 3
Technical requirements

  1. In order to cooperate with the Seller's IT system, the Client has to have the device connected to internet with any browser servicing the UFT-8 code page  (and style sheet, if any, that assures better transparency of the internet portal of the Shop); additional extensions or connectors are not required.
  2. In order to make purchases in the Shop, the Client must have an active e-mail account (electronic mailbox).

§ 4
Prices and promotional offers

  1. All prices of Products shown on the website of the Shop are gross prices (i.e., they include VAT).
  2. The price of the Product at the date of the Client's order is the one that is binding for the parties to the transaction.
  3. The Seller declares that products included in the category „Promotion” or „Sale” at respective prices are available till these products are run of stock.
  4. Detailed terms of enjoying price promotions are stipulated in Annex No.1 to these “Regulations entitled Regulations of price promotions”. 
  5. In the case of completion of individual order, the price will be separately e-mailed to the Client. Completion of the order will start upon the acceptance of the offer presented by the Shop by the Client.