DERMASOVA Baby One-Piece Suit (74/80) Atopic...

DERMASOVA Baby One-Piece Suit (62/68) Atopic Dermatitis


DERMASOVA Baby One-Piece Suit - size 62/68

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DERMASOVA Baby’s one-piece suit is an anti-allergic clothes and entirely safe method supporting treatment of symptoms of any skin infection and its proper care.


DERMASOVA products support arduous struggle with allergy, with atopic dermatitis in particular. They may also help children allergic to mites or suffering from other skin diseases.

Evolon® fabric, used in all Dermasova products, protects against allergens connected with mites, and it also prevents from bacteria, and the development of fungi; the presence of silver fibers (5%) intensifies the antibacterial effect of the fabric on the skin. Research shows that anti-mite and antibacterial prevention is essential for atopic skin, in order to eliminate infections, among the others those ones caused by bacteria, which is common in atopic dermatitis (AD). In addition Evolon® “breathes” and is very delicate, soft to the touch, does not irritate the skin.

The material has also high durability to repeated washing at high temperature. 

The anti-mite efficiency of Evolon® for people suffering from allergies is confirmed by certificates issued by ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation) and TÜV NORD, as well as by results of research made by independent institutions such as Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets, Gelsenkirchen (Germany) and IBT Reference Laboratory (USA).The antibacterial properties of the fabric have been positively assessed by Hohenstein Research Institute, Bönnigheim (Germany).

Evolon® does not contain harmful substances. No chemical or toxic substances are given off in the course of using the DERMASOVA clothes, either. Oeko-Tex® mark granted to the Evolon® fabric confirms Evolon properties and suitability for contact with the child’s skin.


DERMASOVA products can be washed many times in temperatures up to 95° C (203°F).

Please, avoid anti-static products or fabric softeners!